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Cutigliano and Val Sestaione

Cutigliano in the door of history around the year one thousand, of this period are in fact the oldest historical documents that are located in the State of Pistoia.

Some buildings date back to the feudal system and the architecture of Cutigliano was influenced by this period, with the construction of several towers (a Montestuccioli to Cacioli and horn), dominant and strategic position in the points, at that time belonged Cutigliano the City of Lizzano, the most important of the Mountain High, with a governor separate and independent from the city of Pistoia. No documents indicate the exact year in which Cutigliano divided by the municipality maternal certainly not before 1255, when some men Cutigliano were elected, among others, to administer the City of Lizzano, it is considered that the division has taken place around 1300.

Cutigliano faced tough battles to maintain its freedom of the most bloody remember those that occurred in the period between the years 1320 and 1330, to fight to expel from its territory of Castruccio Antelminelli, Captain General of the War of Lucca, and thereafter , clashes with the rebels of the Valdinievole that refuge in the castle of Lucchio, the settled peoples of the Altai mountains, put down revolt in 1330 by Captain Angiolo Panciatichi.

The origin of Captain Mountain is uncertain. Some authors trace the year 1330 with Angiolo Panciatichi, his residence was in San Marcello beginning and only then alternated with other countries. According to the source of the Captains Fioravanti dates back to 1358, after the rebellion of the peoples of the Altai mountains, as Pistoia, noted that the government, through the powers, was not producing the desired results, only one minister put it, with just the title of Captain of the Mountain, who chose as his residence of Castel Walls; Lizzano in 1361, and in 1373, in Cutigliano, with the obligation to make every month, the castle tour.

In that year, after several complaints, the Pistoia, according to some brokers in Florence and the elderly, who established the office of Captain of the Mountain had to be covered by a person of the Guelph party in Florence. Since 1377 the residence alternated every four months between Cutigliano, San Marcos and Lizzano. In 1512, following a regrettable fact, Lizzano lost the right to host the Captain and then alternated residence of six months and six months between Cutigliano San Marcello.


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