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Cutigliano is the most charming medieval town of Pistoia mountains for its urban structure divided into small squares and narrow cobbled streets that provide fascinating glimpses of rich history and art. Its origins can be traced back to Roman times, the followers of Catiline, but its development is certainly much later in relation with the transit route from Tuscany to Emilia. It was the scene of lively medieval battles between factions and resistance of the Captains of the mountain. Proof of this is the beautiful fifteenth-century palace (now city hall), whose facade is adorned with 96 badges and coats of arms in demonstrating the residence of many Cutigliano Capitani.Il Medici coat of arms with large keys and seals the papal tiara Florentine power. In the same square rise an 'elegant loggia, the column with the Marzocco, the fountain and the church of Our Lady's Square which houses an altarpiece by Della Robbia. The nearby Church of San Bartolomeo is enriched with exquisite paintings and lapidary. Note the harmonious speech of the place of a beautiful Tuscan pure Beatrice was in "the poet pastor" the best expression. The charm of Cutigliano, located at 680 m. about the Upper Valley of Lima, is related to clean air, the rich forest vegetation, water springs, which make it the ideal place for delightful holiday. The summer resort since the mid-800 boasts the attendance at a prestigious clientele such as the Florentine nobility and the English Tourism Council. It 'too Resort and the connection with Doganaccia, via cable or ordinary road, allows the practice of the various winter sports.

It 'also the ideal place to appreciate the combination of nature and health to practice. various outdoor activities including horse riding, trekking, paragliding, basketball, mountain biking, tennis, soccer, canoeing, fishing and trout fishing in the stream.

Charming resort are part of the City of Cutigliano: Rivoreta (900 mt.) Situated in the Val di Lima which houses the Ethnological Museum of the People 's Pistoia Apennines and the Melo (1007 mt.) Always in the Val di Lima, lies at the foot of the open book surrounded by farms and farmhouses that offer organic products to visitors in direct contact with nature. Going back further down the main road number 12 and are precisely Sestaione Bridge with the beautiful fountain and the Grand Ducal later Pianosinatico (mt.948 mt.).

In Val Sestaione find Pian of the Alders (858 mt.), Which was the home of Beatrice, a poet whose pastor starlings aroused the admiration of famous poets and intellectuals and the establishment of the Centre for Studies and Beatrice Pian di Novello (1034 mt.) , a seaside resort in summer and winter, home to the botanical garden of the Pistoia forest.

In 'arc' s year Cutigliano and its fractions, and held various tourist events that folkoristiche to uncover local culture and traditions.

There are numerous hotels and other accommodation and hotel offers fine dining in a cozy local tasty cuisine.







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